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Promethazine is used for relieving allergy symptoms, including hives or runny nose.

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Where can i buy promethazine codeine cough syrup in uk? What should i do if my medicine doesnt work ? Im on codeine as a cough suppressant, what should i do if dont get any effect or have to stop suddenly ? What are the main side effects of codeine cough syrup, can syrup cause a life threatening condition? What does codeine cough syrup contain? Is it recommended for cold or allergies sufferers just to increase the cough when using syrups? Codeine (brand name cough syrup) is an anti-nausea medicine and cough suppressant medicine. The medicine is part of a group medicines known as cough suppressants. You may need to get your doctor change dose of an anti-nausea medicine or cough syrup when your becomes severe, especially if you have an allergy to the medicine. There are other medications that you may need to change or avoid if you have an allergy. This includes any sedating medicines called benzodiazepines. The medicine may also slow or stop your heart rhythm. Other medicines may also be prescribed while you are using codeine cough syrup. These may include antibiotics, asthma medicines, anti-cancer painkillers, and even anti-rejection treatments. Your doctor may also recommend that you stop using the medicine if you are having a serious allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. The symptoms of anaphylaxis can include a swollen or painful throat, difficulty breathing. These side effects from codeine cough syrup and antibiotics are very rare in people who are normally healthy. For most people, the side effects of codeine cough syrup are mild. However, there rare people who should not use codeine cough syrup, because of the risk an overdose or other serious side effects. These serious, possibly fatal side effects could occur if you have any of the following problems: a history of heart disease or other problems trouble with alcohol use mental health problems severe liver or kidney Online viagra uk cheap trouble The most serious possible side effects have been reported in people taking the medicine for their cough. These side effects include: coma and heart failure heart problems: liver damage, kidney and severe failure kidney problems: damage and scarring of the kidneys seizures You should not use any other kind of cough or cold reliever change any of your other medicines while you are taking codeine cough syrup. Talk to your doctor before changing or stopping your medicine. Image copyright Getty Images In the US early 1900s, it was all to the dogs. In a country already full of men with no job security, a new profession called "dog track" emerged. For some reason, it was a place that men could be paid for doing nothing. "It is my belief I have made $2,000 during the last four weeks from dog track," wrote William B. Davis, a newspaper publisher, in 1908. He was clearly not in a hurry to get paid again. "It is a good occupation for the intelligent man who is free of worldly cares, and if he does his best... is bound to make a good living." Davis was certainly an industrious man. His paper, The Baltimore Sun, ran a story about horse race, the first of its kind on the internet. And with that came a demand to buy tickets the races. So Davis bought a subscription to race track's mailing list, and got on the waiting list.

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